Lab Data Master

Lab Data Master (LDM) offers a unique list of products to help laboratories bridge the gap between what  they have and what they need to perform better. These products include plug-and-play modules to a complete system.

SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) and Inventory Management may operate independently or integrate into an exiting LIMS. 

LDM is a lean,  yet fully functional, LIMS complete with a SDMS module. If desired, Inventory Management may be neatly integrated with the LDM,  offering the tools of complex LIMS but with a small footprint and affordable pricing.


LDM operates offices in three countries with a headquarters in Houston, TX. Our staff hails from diverse backgrounds including chemist, biologist, industrial hygienist and geologist partnered with a strong IT/programming group. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and insure the correct  solutions. Our goal is to help your laboratory perform better!



Scientific Data Management System


Run as a Plug-in Component or Standalone

Runtime Raw Data Entry & Report Template Designer

Instrument Data Import Parser Creation

Sample & QC Run Sequence Automation

Lab Data Master


Web-based Lean Informatics for Laboratories; Complete with Integrated SDMS

Key Modules Including: 

Sample Registration, Data Entry, Reporting, Dashboard & Audit Trail

Fast, Lightweight Reporting Process to Generate EDDs or Hardcopies

Built-In Data Change Capture Audit Trail

Inventory Management


Performs Requisitions, Purchases & Receipts

Stores COA, MSDS & Vendor Certificates

Tracks the Distribution & Consumption of Inventory

Alerts Users Stocking Levels, Quantity & Expiration

Records Disposal & Retirement of Inventories